Prepared Vegetables

Save waste and time with quality and fresh prepared vegetables. Available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg packs :

Whole Peeled Potato Peeled Parsnips
Whole Peeled Potato Large ¼ Parsnip
Pansienne Potato Diced Parsnip
¼ Cut Potato Batton Parsnips
Chateau Potato Baton Turnip
Paramentier Turned Turnip
Diced Potato 10mm Sliced Leeks
Diced Potato 20mm Peeled Leeks
Sliced Potato 5mm Turned Courgette
Sliced Potato 10mm Sliced Courgette
Pont Nuef Potato Diced Courgette
Baby Roast Julienne Courgette
Jenga Chips Stew Pack
Chateau 30g Carrot & Swede Mix 10mm
Fresh Chips Carrot & Swede Mix 20mm
Peeled Potato Maris Piper Stir Fry
Peeled Mids Soup Mix 10mm
Batton Carrots Soup Mix 20mm
Sliced Carrots Coleslaw Mix
Diced Carrots Coleslaw with Onion
Whole Carrots Minestrone Mix
Grated Carrots Diced Mixed Veg 10mm
Julienne Carrots Diced Mixed Veg with Celery
Ribbon Carrot 1.5mm Cauliflower Florette
¼ Cut Carrots Broccoli Florette
Whole White Onion Prepared Sprouts
Sliced White Onion Bolognese Mix
Diced White Onion Diced Mixed Veg with Onion
Whole Red Onion Batton Carrot / Broccoli Floret Mix
Sliced Red Onion Savoy Cabbage
Diced Red Onion Diced Swede 10mm
Peeled Shallots Diced Swede 20mm
Sliced Red Cabbage Turned Swede
Sliced Green Cabbage Batton Swede
Sliced White Cabbage Peeled Whole Swede
Mixed Sliced Cabbage